Sunday, October 12, 2008

Caffeine + Free Time = Me Being A Dork

This weekend homework was extremely light and the boyfriend was away in Chicago, so that allowed me to get a lot of tea reviews done (among other things). Once I finished my reviews and chores, I still had a boat load of free time.

My creativity got the best of me and the following video is the result. It is a video that I made for my boyfriend while he was away. I am posting it on here because it does mention tea in it. My friends and family who have seen it said it is funny and cute. Let me know what you think.

This is what happens when I have had way too much caffeine and free time.


There is no inside joke between us about my thumbs – that was just me being random.

I know “ear things” could be called something different like, “head set, ear piece, head phones, etc.” but I like saying “ear things.”

Actually, I did make the video so I could use my new eye toy that I got for $9 (and because I missed him, of course)! The eye toy has great quality for being a cheap webcam, even though it was made to be used with a PS2. I bought it at one of those “used games” stores. Hurray for deals!

For those of you who do not know, Psychological Egoism is a theory that says every action that one does is done to only benefit one’s self… if it benefits others, that is just a bonus.

The “Rock Band/Bastard” is an inside joke. My boyfriend is visiting his brother in Chicago and his brother owns Rock Band. Sometimes I go with him to Chicago and we all play it together, but this time I didn’t go… so I was jealous that he got to play it.

“All 6 kitties, I mean 7” – His parents have 5 cats and he has 2 which makes 7 cats total. I took care of them all while they were gone.


Anonymous said...

So, I found your blog on Twitter. I follow SimpleLeaf, SimpleLeaf follows you, SimpleLeaf @replies to you, I become curious and follow you too... Stalking at its best!

I just wanted to say I thought your video was funny. :P I dunno why, all the thumb references made me laugh. :)

Brittiny said...

Yay for interweb stalking!

Thanks for the complement!

Speaking of thumbs, I broke my nail on my left one a couple of days ago. I hate it when that happens!