Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tea-Infused Chocolate

While in Chicago last weekend, I went to the World Market. Beside the fact that I could have spent all day in there… the place is very unique with its mostly organic food, specialty cookware, rare home décor, etc.

When I found the tea section, I was a little disappointed to see nothing out of the ordinary – the usual brands of tea that can be found in big name grocery stores. However, I did find some tea-infused chocolate in which I found interesting.

Green Earl Grey Dark Chocolate

The title is self explanatory. The ingredients are 90% organic. When I finally opened the package (it was a little hard to get into) it smelled like chocolate more than anything. I couldn’t smell the tea or bergamot oil at all.

The taste was interesting. It was very rich – made me want to reach for a glass of milk. I tasted the sweet dark chocolate first then the slightly bitter green tea and was left with a mix of bergamot and dark chocolate after the piece melted.

It was like a battle of sweet and bitter and I’m not really sure who won. Since dark chocolate is both bitter and sweet and tea is both bitter and sweet… I know I made a weird combination of facial expressions while tasting the candy – kind of like “What the holy hell did I just put in my mouth?”

Nonetheless, it was rather good. After eating three little squares I have made the conclusion that although it was good, the dark chocolate ends up taking over… I think milk chocolate would have been a better match for this type of tea.

Organic Masala Chai Milk Chocolate

This chocolate bar includes milk chocolate (duh), black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, and cloves. I could smell the spices and then the milk chocolate as I opened the package. It smelled a lot like pumpkin pie.

The cinnamon was the spice I tasted the most, but the milk chocolate was front and center. The cloves were close behind. It seriously tasted like pumpkin pie in candy bar form. I really liked this one.

The milk chocolate really works with the spices of chai. It was not as rich as the Green Earl Grey Dark Chocolate bar, but it still made me want a glass of milk.

I wish I would have bought more than one bar of this kind (I only bought one of each) but each of these bars was $2.99. The only other tea-infused bar that they had at this particular store was white chocolate infused with chamomile. I am not a fan of white chocolate so I passed on that one.

You can find more information about tea-infused chocolate at The Tea Room.


Pat Canella said...

I could def. see dark chocolate being a little strong in my tea, especially if it is organic, seems like it would make the tea bitter or just not what it should be. Just my .02 haha.

To Tea, or Not to Tea said...

Chai has always reminded me of pumpkin pie, too, so I tend to drink it more in the winter time. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading it. Tea and chocolate - two of my favorite things!

Brittiny said...

Pat Canella, the dark chocolate bar was rather bitter... but I am a huge fan of dark chocolate for that reason.

To Tea, or Not to Tea, the Thanksgiving two years ago is the first time I have ever tried pumpkin pie (yeah, I know, I can't believe it either), and last year is the first time I had ever tried chai... and after trying both I was like "Where in the hell have I been? These are awesome!" Haha!

Thanks for the comments!!

Kate, RD said...

I live in Chicago and I've been getting the World Market flier in the paper every weekend. Each weekend I say, "I'm going to check that place out", but never actually get around to it for one reason or another. Your post has inspired me to put it on my to do list tomorrow because tea and chocolate are two of my favorites as well!