Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dry Leaf Descriptions

An awesome book I was reading called,"Tea: The Drink That Changed the World," gave a great list of words to use to desribe the way a dry lea leaf looks. The author, Laura C. Martin, did an excellent job. In case any of you do not have this wonderful book, I am posting this list so you have a better understanding of what these terms mean if I use them to describe my tea.


Brown - This is an undesirable color for any tea leaf, including black tea.

Chunky - This is a flavorable term, describing large tip pieces.

Golden Tip - A great feature for teas, a golden tip tea produces an amber-colored brew.

Neat - Neat tea leaves are well made and attractive.

Stalky - This term indicates that pieces of undesirable stalk were included with the leaves.

Stylish - A very favorable characteristic; stylish leaves are especially neat and attractive."

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