Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grading Scale

Before I start my tea reviews, I need to have a firm grading scale. This scale is from 0 to 5, 0 being the absolute worst thing I've ever tasted and 5 being the best. I am going to allow for 1 decimal place in between points (for example, a certain type of tea could get a score of 3.8). For a better description of my scale, see below.

Grading Scale

0 to 0.9 - "I think I'm going to be sick!"

1 to 1.9 - "What did I just drink?"

2 to 2.9 - "I would drink this if I had no other tea on me."

3 to 3.9 - "I have to be in the mood to drink this."

4 to 4.9 - "I would order this tea again."

Perfect 5 - "I would give my left arm for this tea."

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