Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tea Interrupted

Well… I was going to do a tea review today, but that got put on hold when two unrelated things had my attention a little more than what was in my cup.

First, my family and I are dog-sitting a friend’s Chihuahua, named Thumbelina (the tan one). I have a Chihuahua of my own, named Zoe (the black one) so it was nice to have a dog her size that she could play with. However, they are a handful. Thumbelina is still a puppy so she loves to rough house and get into everything. She has found a way to bring the puppy out of four year old Zoe, thus, I have been constantly keeping an eye on them as they wrestle and run through the house. It was a nice change of routine. Good times, nonetheless.

I do want to stress that there is no such thing as a “tea-cup” Chihuahua. That is an Americanized made up term used to market Chihuahuas. It frustrates me when people use that term because it shows so much ignorance and how those particular people were fooled into thinking they bought a “special” pocket sized pet. Chihuahuas are Chihuahuas. Some may be smaller than others once they reach adulthood, but “tea-cup” Chihuahuas do not exist.

Note: In the first picture, it may look like the dogs were fighting, but they were only playing with each other when I took that picture. It kind of looks like the freeze frame ending from Rocky, doesn’t it?

Then, if that wasn’t enough, we got hit by a powerful thunderstorm. I normally don’t pay much attention to a little rain, but soon after the storm hit I started to hear “tink… tink… tink” on the window behind me. When the “tink’s” grew louder and increased in frequency, I looked out of the window to discover that it was hailing.

The wind was blowing so hard and the hail was coming down in such big pieces that I couldn’t even see the neighbor’s house across the street. It had become so loud in the house, because of the hail hitting the windows, that the dogs were freaking out. They would not leave my side. The good news was that the storm passed just as quickly as it arrived and no real damage was done.

So, I did not get my intended tea review done, but it was a pretty exciting day. I am overwhelmed by the cuteness as the Chi’s play on the floor and sleep on my lap (which together they only weigh about seven pounds). Also, we experience storms quite often in Indiana, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen quarter size hail like I did today. I’m sure there will be time for tea tomorrow.

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