Thursday, July 17, 2008


My apologies for not posting in a while… but I have an excuse! I am hoping that this post (and these pictures) will make up for it, though.

Last Monday through Wednesday I took a mini vacation with my dad and went to Warsaw, Indiana to my grandma’s lake cottage. Fishing and swimming are the main things to do up there… and we love to do both! However, long story short, I didn’t catch any fish but my dad and grandma caught around 15-20. Good times!

I packed light, so in order to cure my tea craving I grabbed a couple of Tazo’s Zen tea bags. Yes, I know shame on me for using bagged tea… but I didn’t really have an option because of the equipment I had to work with. The scenery made up for my lack of higher quality tea, however. I wish I could have my tea while sitting on the bank of a lake every morning!

While we were there, my grandma made Sunshine Muffins – a recipe she got from Sunny Anderson on Food Network (e-mail me for the recipe). The muffins had strawberries, blueberries, banana, and walnuts in each of them. They were really good, not too sweet and very moist. They complemented my tea quite well.

The next day, my aunt, grandma, and I went to Shipshewana to visit a huge flea market. We only spent about three hours there because by noon it had become overwhelmingly hot. Both my aunt and I bought a pair of shoes by the brand name of Rariva… they are kind of like Crocs, basically. I always poked fun at these kinds of shoes… but, to my surprise, they are actually comfortable!

That evening I took my grandma’s golf cart out and tried to take some pictures. I hated leaving the cottage because it is so scenic up there. I live in the city so the sights and sounds are a little different than what is at the lake. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery died soon after I started taking pictures… but you can take a look at what I managed to capture.

Just before dusk on the lake.

One of the flowers in my grandma's garden.

I am not sure how this happened but this picture came out like this - the grass looks blue which makes the yellow flower really stand out. I did not do any retouching to this picure.

I don't think this picture really needs words.

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