Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Travel Cup

For Valentine’s Day (yeah, I know that was a while ago) my boyfriend got me this interesting travel cup. I think it is awesome for several reasons. 1) It is clear which I love because I like being able to see, and show off, the color of the tea. 2) It holds a large capacity. 3) It has a nifty little wire basket for loose leaf tea.

I thought the basket was the cutest thing. It is easy to remove, has small enough holes so the leaves do not get stuck in the strainer (I have that problem when a few other strainers that I have), and it has a latch on the top that keeps the lid closed while in the cup.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it has a tight fitting lid rather than a screw top lid. I like to put my travel cups in my backpack, but I can’t do that with this cup because there is a very high chance of the lid getting knocked off while in my bag.

Nonetheless, it is a nice travel cup for people who like to brew loose leaf tea on the go!


Anonymous said...

I love that it's clear but what do you do with the strainer when you're on the go? That seems like it would be a bit of a mess. Or do you steep and remove the strainer before you leave?

Brittiny said...

Thanks for the comment!

I usually steep and then remove the strainer before I head out.

However, a few times I have put leaves in the strainer, put the strainer in the empty cup, and left... obtained hot water at the school cafeteria, steeped the leaves, and then washed the strainer (in the women's bathroom) as I'm waiting for the tea to cool enough to drink.

Tea Devotee said...

Ohh! That's so nice! Would you be willing to share with us where you got that? (Or more aptly, where your BF got it)

Brittiny said...

Tea Devotee, My boyfriend got it at Meijer. The brand name is Trudeau. The website they give on the bottom of the cup is Also, listed on the bottom of the cup it says it is a "TEA-RIFFIC Tea Tumbler 16oz."

Steph said...

Nice job by the boyfriend!

Long overdue, but I've listed you off my blog.

Pat Canella said...

Very sleek!! I quite enjoy that, killing two birds with one stone... not that I'd want to kill birds haha :)