Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Photo

I recently moved ALL of my tea ware out into the barely used family room of my mom’s place. I had kept all of my tea-stuff scattered around my bedroom because I spend most of my time in there. But, that was difficult because I know people who have bigger bathrooms in their house than my bedroom (it’s really freaking small) so it was very hard to find places to put my teapots, cups, tea, etc.

Also, I had to use the other half of my already cluttered computer desk to brew tea, so that made the whole tea-making experience more difficult than relaxing. Alas, this new set up in the family room is SOOO much nicer! I have everything I need within easy reach.

What’s more, I do my tea reviews in that family room because of the awesome light that comes in the window… and with the setup I had before I had to run back and forth between the family room and my bedroom several times to get the tea ware that I wanted to use for the review. It was a major hassle.

So, with all of my tea ware together, I decided to take a “family photo.” With this new set up in place, I can’t wait to start reviewing tea again! I have come down with a head cold and can’t taste anything properly so I’ve stopped the reviews until I get over this cold. I should be back to ‘normal’ in about a week or so.

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Steph said...

The family photo is really cool! You have a very nice diversity in terms of color, style, function. Any tea lover would be honored with this collection!