Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100th Post!

This blog reached its one year anniversary some time ago and now it has hit another milestone – the 100th post!

Wow! I have to admit that there were times I did not think this blog would make it that far. I am still in college and this fall will be the start of my senior year (Woot!). Because I am a full time student, free time tends to be a lack there of for me and hence writing blog entries gets pushed back on my to-do list sometimes. The reason for this is reviews can take a better part of an hour to complete because they include making the tea, tasting it, writing the review, taking pictures, editing, and publishing.

However, besides all of the wonderful tea I get to taste, there is one main motive that still keeps this blog on my to-do list at all… and that is YOU! Yes, you! If you are reading this, chances are that this is not the first time you have been to this blog… and I want to thank you for that! All of those who have commented on my blog via the comment section on here, Twitter, and/or Facebook… I want to personally thank you for your comments, encouragements, suggestions, etc.! I never thought I would say this, but I HAVE FANS! That right there is more than enough motivation to keep me going!

I originally started this blog for personal tasting notes and experiences only, which I still continue using it for such purposes today, but I never imagined that I would do formal reviews for vendors, as well. It has all been very exciting!

Since school is out for the summer, I have more time to concentrate on this blog. What I would like to do is work some more on the cosmetics and the layout of the blog, plus come up with ideas for better pictures and make sure I do more thorough reviews.

I have only studied tea for about two years now so I still have a lot to learn.


JenB said...

I just discovered your blog two days ago, but you can already count me in your "fans" list. Since Monday I've read every single post on your blog. I've also added several teas to my wish list because of your wonderful reviews, and I've told my family I want a set of goldfish tasting cups. Obsessed with tea? Me? Noooooo. ;)

Brittiny said...

Haha!! Thanks for the comment and thanks for being a fan! :)

That is kind of how I started out, I saw the fish cups on another tea-lover's blog and wanted a pair of my own.

Obsessed, no way... just VERY dedicated to a hobby! Haha! ;)