Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Like It Because It's NOT Perfect

While in Chicago a few months ago at the World Market I found this tea cup that I just HAD to add to my collection. It has now become my favorite tea cup! My other cups have been collecting more dust than tea… but I can’t help it… it’s like my personality in a cup!

I love how it is not perfect. It does its job by holding my current freshly brewed tea; however it’s not the perfect round shape of a cup, it’s dented throughout, the handle is an unusual shape, and it also has that visible clay “fold” by the handle. Plus, the inside is green – my favorite color! The price was a steal as well… only $4.99.


Steph said...

Very cool mug!

Wow - I live about an hour away, too! Let's synch up. Send me an email to Looking forward to possibly meeting you!

Screwed Up Texan said...

I love the handmade personality this mug has...and the colors remind me of mother of pearl. Beautiful!

Brittiny said...

Thanks for the comments!! :)

Kate said...

You have pictures of some absolutely beautiful tea cups! Where do you get them from?
I'd be interested in seeing which is your favorite. =]