Thursday, May 21, 2009

Canton Tea’s Pouchong Review

Type: Green
Origin: Xu Family Farm, Wenshan, Taipei province, Taiwan
Price: Sample (regular price – £13.99 for 100g)
Vendor: Canton Tea Company
Brewing Method: Per Instructed - 1 teaspoon of leaves, 1 cup of filtered water, heated to 180°F-190°F, steeped for 1-2 minutes
Overall Score: 4.1 out of 5

The dry leaves of this Pouchong smell very fresh and grassy, however the aroma is very subtle – I had to stick my nose in the package in order to find the sweet smell of the leaves. The leaves are huge, long, rolled strands with an overall dark green color.

The liquor is a very nice green color. The aroma of the freshly brewed tea reminds me more of an oolong than a green. It smells vegetal with also that fresh, crisp smell that oolongs have.

The taste is lightly grassy. It has a taste between a green and an oolong – brisk, lively, and vegetal. The tea was a little astringent, but not bitter. Overall it kind of tastes like steamed green vegetables, especially in the after taste.

I would say this is a nice, plain, everyday green. There is nothing special about it, but it not a bad tea either. If you want a step up from the everyday Sencha... this is a good one to try.

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