Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Admittedly, I really didn’t think I needed one of these, but I want to MAKE SURE all of those who come across this blog know exactly why it exists.

This is my personal blog in which I talk about my hobby of tea. This includes, but is not limited to, personal tea notes, thoughts, reviews, opinions, experiences, news, and events.

I do not claim to be a tea expert in any way, shape, or form. It was only in August of 2007 that I started to actively research and understand tea as a substance and as a culture. Thus, this blog was created to document my learning experience.

This blog was not created for the sole purpose of selling products. I advertise for Google Ads and certain affiliated companies, but I have no intention to use this blog as a means to push sales. By that I mean the Google Ads and affiliated links are there for my readers, but if I sell something that is fine and if I do not then that is fine, too. I personally do not care about the commission generated from any sales linked with the tea companies in which I am an affiliate.

Because of that, all of the reviews are written without bias. Most of the reviews come from free samples sent to me by tea companies. However, just because they are free does not sway me to post a review in their favor. I will provide my readers with only HONEST reviews. With that said, there may be times when I have negative feelings and opinions towards certain teas, vendors, companies, etc. But, these opinions are not intended to malign, defame, or injure any company, vendor, group, etc.

The photographs on this blog are personally taken by me unless noted in the actual blog post. Any or all personal photographs may not be used without my written permission.

I hold personal responsibility for the content of this blog except for the comments made by others on individual blog posts. I am not responsible, nor will I be held liable, for anything anyone says on my blog in the blog comments sections. Although, I hold the responsibility to delete any comments in which I feel misrepresents this blog.

There is one other point I would like to make concerning my tea reviews. I have my own parameters in which I brew certain types of tea. However, when I am doing a review I will brew that particular tea the way that the vendor tells the consumer to brew it. I do that because when a consumer buys that particular tea they are going to trust the knowledge of the tea vendor and brew it according to the instructions on the package or on the vendor’s website.

This disclaimer is subject to change at any time for any reason.

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