Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adagio's Grapefruit Tea Review

Type: Black
Origin: Ceylon
Price: Sample (regular price - $6 for 4oz.)
Vendor: Adagio
Brewing Method: Per Instructed – 2.0g of leaves, 1 cup of filtered water, boiled at 200°F-212°F, steeped for 5 minutes.
Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5

Adagio’s Grapefruit Tea is made up of Ceylon black tea base with dried grapefruit bits and flavoring. Only after I put my nose to the can do I smell the sweet and acidic citrus. So, the grapefruit flavor does not seem to be too pungent or overpowering.

The liquor is a deep orange color.

Even after the leaves were brewed, it was rather hard to detect the aroma of the citrus unless I held the cup very close to my nose. The other flavored teas that I’ve tried produced aromas that seemed to fill the room.

The grapefruit taste was very lacking as well. I could taste the light bodied Ceylon more than anything. Actually, the only reason I could faintly pick up the taste of grapefruit was because I was looking for it. If I would not have known that the tea was flavored, I probably would not have picked up on the citrus flavoring.

The brew was overall bitter, dry, and lacked character. There was a faint acidic aftertaste, which was expected from citrus, but it fades quickly. I was not pleased with this tea. In fact, I was disappointed because I love grapefruit, but the flavor did not hold up in this tea.

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