Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Passion Fruit Tea Review

Type: Black
Origin: Ceylon
Price: Sample (regular price - $6 for 4oz.)
Vendor: Adagio
Brewing Method: Per Instructed – 2.0g of leaves, 1 cup of filtered water, boiled at 200°F-212°F, steeped for 5 minutes.
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5

Adagio’s Passion Fruit Tea is a blend of Ceylon black tea base and bits of passion fruit throughout. The sweet smell of fruit hit me immediately when I opened the can. When I laid the dry leaves out on my plate, the specks of bright orange passion fruit stand out from the curled black Ceylon leaves.

I love the yellow/orange color that this brew has. In the right light, the liquor almost looks bronze.

The brew smelled sweet but tart. My predictions were confirmed after I took a sip. The brew tasted sweet at first, but I was left with a tart aftertaste. I have never had the pleasure of tasting passion fruit itself but I can acquire a good idea what it tastes like from this tea.

The passion fruit flavor is present but not overpowering. The Ceylon is subtle but can still be detected. The brew was over all mellow and light bodied. I did not add sugar to this brew (I never add sugar to my tea) but I think if one were to add sugar it might mask the tartness.

The only negative thing is there is a little astringency with this tea. My mouth feels somewhat cool, but then it becomes dry quickly. However, maybe turning this brew into an iced tea would remedy the dryness.

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