Monday, July 13, 2009

Imperial Tea Court Snacks

I bought a few more tasting cups recently… as you may have noticed in the past couple of reviews… from Imperial Tea Court. I loved their style and selection of cups so I bought a tasting and aroma set plus three different glass tasting cups.

While browsing their site, I stumbled upon their tea snacks. They say the snacks are supposed to complement the tea and not over power it. All of them looked really good so I thought… what the heck. As a result, here are my thoughts:

Imperial Spice Raisins: The first thing that surprised me with these raisins is that they crunched when I bit into them – they still have the seeds in. I think most of us are used to the raisins made from seedless grapes, but the seeds give these raisins a great texture. They taste is a lively combination of sweet and spicy. I taste the sweet raisin first, and then the heat from the spices starts to rise.

Roasted Almonds: What I like about these almonds is that they still have their shells on. The shells come off fairly easily to reveal the nut inside. I don’t normally like almonds, but I like these. They are a great complement to any tea. They taste lightly roasted with no salt so you get a hint of flavor, but it doesn’t take anything away from the tea.

Peanut Tea Cookies: These… are good! At first I thought it was going to be a rather hard cookie, but when I bit into it, it just crumbled into my mouth. It has a lot of peanut flavor and not too much salt or sugar (It tastes like the salt and sugar have been kept to a minimum). They vacuum pack their stuff when they ship it and the cookies stayed very fresh, soft, and moist.

Want some? Go here for more information about these snacks and more from Imperial Tea Court.

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Virginia said...

Hi, Brittiny, thanks for reviewing our tea snacks! Let us know when you come to San Francisco. If Roy's in town he'll meet you at the teahouse and brew a pot of his signature Monkey-Picked Tie Guan Yin.

Best wishes,
Imperial Tea Court