Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mighty Leaf’s Tea To Go Mug

I. Am. Busy. I am a full time college student with a recently acquired part time job, so I am hardly ever home during the week days. Thus, I love it when I can take my tea with me to work and school. My current method of tea travel is to steep the leaves in a teapot, then transfer the tea into a lidded mug and head out the door. However, Mighty Leaf has something better.

They have come up with a brilliant way of brewing tea while on the go, without over-steeping the leaves. Their mug is a stainless steel body with a plastic lid that has very genius design. On this lid, there is a place to sip the tea, but there is also a slit on top of the “dome” part of the lid.

How this lid works is the tea drinker threads the tea bag tag through the slit and then submerges the tea bag in the hot water that they pour in the mug body as the lid is placed on the mug. The purpose of the slit and the “dome” is revealed when the steep time is up because then the tea drinker pulls on the tea bag string until the bag can go no further, thus pulling the tea bag into the “dome” and keeping the leaves out of the water. Tah-dah… no more over-steeping!

This method works best with Mighty Leaf tea bags (duh, those are what this mug is designed to work with) because of the cloth-type material of their tea bags. It was a little difficult to use with pyramid bags because the string is attached to the side of the pyramid and not the corner. I ended up just pinching the excess string in between the lid and body of the mug to hold the pyramid tea bag in place inside the “dome.” Tea bags that use staples do not work as well, because the staples will not go through the slit in the lid. Tea bags that use staples may work if you use the string pinching method above.

My only complaint is how prone this mug is to spillage. What I mean is that you have to make sure you keep this mug upright because the spout and the slit for the tea bag are always open – so be careful with the frantic juggling of keys, briefcase/purse, mug, etc. as you head out the door.

Although, even with the open-mouth design, this mug keeps the contents hot for several hours… but who can stand not drinking perfectly steeped tea for that long?

Special thanks to Mighty Leaf for sending me this awesome mug to review!

Visit Mighty Leaf’s website to get one for yourself!


Steph said...

I was a lucky duck, too. I think this is pretty clever!

Blue People Tea said...

I came across your site, I am loving it!

I wanted to let you know the is giving away free tea if you sign up for their mailing list!*