Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pearl Tea’s Dragon Well (Long Jing) Review

Type: Green
Origin: China
Price: Sample (regular price - $25.50 for 3oz.)
Vendor: Pearl Teas
Brewing Method: Per Instructed - 1 teaspoon of leaves, 1 cup of filtered water, heated to 167°F-185°F, steeped for 0.5 - 2 minutes
Overall Score: 4.7 out of 5

Dragon Well (Long Jing) is a hand-pressed, roasted green tea from China. This particular tea smells slightly sweet and vegetal, but not too grassy. I can smell the wonderful roasted characteristics in this tea. The leaves are long, skinny, and flat. A mix of light and dark green color comes from a spoonful of the leaves.

The liquor is a light green color. The aroma of the brewed tea smells like roasted green vegetables. It is a nice clean, fresh smell.

The taste is more subtle than I imagined. The tea is mellow, sweet, buttery, and vegetal. The aftertaste holds the roasted, nutty flavor. The tea is not bitter, but a tiny bit astringent. This tea is rather refreshing. I love the sweet buttery taste up front followed by the nuttiness.

This is a tea that gets better as you drink it. Since the roasted flavor is in the aftertaste, once you sip the tea a second (third, fourth, etc.) time, you get a well rounded buttery, nutty flavor that is mighty tasty.


JenB said...

I have to comment on this. What a gorgeous tea! I love buttery teas. I'll have to try this one. Nice review. :)

Steph said...

While I've not had tea from this vendor, I do love Long Jing! In fact, I am going to dig some up now.

Brittiny said...

JenB, Yes this tea was very buttery and nutty. I really liked this one.

Steph, Long Jing is the stuff. Ever since I reviewed this tea, I have had it at least once every day after that. I'm running low, because it was only a sample, but it is sooo good!

Thanks for the comments!