Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pearl Tea’s Counting Sheep Review

Type: Herbal
Origin: Egypt
Price: Sample (regular price - $16.50 for 3oz.)
Vendor: Pearl Teas
Brewing Method: Per Instructed - 1 teaspoon of leaves, 1 cup of filtered water, heated to 194°F-203°F, steeped for 2 - 3 minutes
Overall Score: 4.3 out of 5

Counting Sheep is a blend of orange, chamomile, citrus peels, rose-hip peels, orange blossoms, lemon grass, nana-mint, and hibiscus. I will have to say that this is one of the prettiest blends I have tried yet. The mix of yellow and green chamomile, green lemon grass, yellow and orange citrus peels, and the beautiful rose-hip and hibiscus makes this blend an amazingly appealing. I just hope it tastes as good as it looks. I can smell the orange aroma immediately. Upon a closer inspection I can smell the floral scents of chamomile and hibiscus mixing with the citrus aromas.

I can smell the apple-like aroma of the chamomile as the blend is steeping. The citrus aromas float around in the background. I wasn’t exactly sure what color this was going to turn out, so the yellowish-green color was a nice, beautiful surprise.

The taste is very floral and fruity. I can taste the chamomile first. The aftertaste holds the orange and lemon flavors. The apple-like taste of the chamomile with the citrus flavors makes this a rather sweet and refreshing blend.

The blend is not bitter or astringent. The tea is very sweet on its own so I don’t think there is any reason to add sugar (plus, this blend is meant to relax you and sugar would only contradict that). I believe this tea would be nice to have in the evening while winding down – just as it is recommended. It is sweet enough to act like a no-calorie dessert and it is caffeine free so you can rest easy.

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